Question about the renderer (reflections)

In the shooter game example project, when i select no AA or FXAA, some reflections are not calculated, why ?

examples :

with TemporalAA :

without :

You can clearly see the U sumbol of Unreal is not reflected when I disable TemporalAA and then play in standalone mode, why ? Is it normal ? Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

No Ideas ?

Cool game! No idea though…

It’s a demo example of a multiplayer shooter game, I didn’t make this :slight_smile:

It’s the ‘Shooter Game’ aviable for free in the UE4’s marketplace :slight_smile:

Oh, haha. Regardless, it’s still pretty cool. What game is it? It’s reminiscent of arena deathmatch. A lot like Unreal Tournament. I hope one will be made for UE4.

Cool! Thanks!! Can’t believe I didn’t notice it. Haha!

Hi Deu,

We have been able to successfully reproduce this and have attached this conversation to a bug report for assessment. Thank you and have a great day!