Question about static meshes and the indirect light cache

Hello, I would be immensely thankful if anyone could answer or at least point me in the right direction with this one.

Let’s assume a simple test scene.

I have four omni lights, and a single mesh.

The mesh is way too complicated to have any meaningful lightmap UVs, I want this mesh to be lit entirely using the indirect light cache. (( This thing.))

The omnilights are all set to static, and I would like the mesh to cast a shadow when the GI is baked, but the actual mesh to be lit using the indirect lighting cache.

Is that at all possible? So far, if my lights are static and my mesh is dynamic so that it will use the indirect cache, the mesh won’t cast a shadow when I bake the GI.
If I set my lights to Stationary, then the mesh does cast a light when GI is baked but I can’t overlap more than 3 omni lights.

I was wondering if that’s the only workaround and using 3 omnilights is a limitation I simply have to live with, or is there some way to make a static mesh be lit by the indirect lighting cache? OR Static omnilights to cast baked shadows from dynamic objects ?

In abstract,

Can a static mesh be made to use the indirect lighting cache? ((It seems if I bake lighting and then Move the static mesh it switches to using the indirect cache but that’s a terrible workaround))
And can static lights be made to cast shadows from dynamic objects on the baked lightmap?

Thanks in advance;

Duplicate the mesh and have one hidden but static and set to cast shadows.