Question about shadows.

Hey guys I wanted to know if there was a way to have shadows “simplified”. I’m unable to put this in words, but I want to have my shadows as just a small simple square / circle instead of the actual shadows cast. Right now my skeletal meshes when moving give out a shadow like the object that is there. However I don’t want it like that.

This is how my shadows look atm.

However I want to change it to have more simpler shadows. Think, super mario 3d land-esque.



I’m really sorry for being unable to put my request in words, however I hope I have gotten my point across and can get some help.


Turn off shadows for characters and use semi transparent decal parented to character instead

Then when I jump or something won’t the decal come up with me instead of staying on the ground?

It’s called decal for a reason :slight_smile:
You can even have fading effect at jumping if you want

Used an existing decal from the content examples. Kind of worked. I guess I got the basic concept down. Now to make my own decal. Thanks a lot mate.

P.S. when you said attach to character did you mean to go in the character BP and then attach it there? Or did you mean right click and attach to object and then choose the character (that’s what I did in here)

Cheers. :smiley: