Question about Renders

Hello Everyone,

I’m fairly new to rendering using the latest 4.24 build of Unreal. I am in the process of doing some turntable of some models I have made.

The question I have is after doing some tweaks with the settings of the in-built Automotive level template the quality I’m getting is alright but when I take a high resolution screenshot, at the same resolution 3840 x 2160, as my render sequence it looks a heap better.

Is there a way that I can recreate the same settings that occur with the high resolution screenshot in my render sequence? The only option I can see is manually taking a high resolution screenshot then move forward a frame and rinse and repeat… thus this process would be quite painful to say the least. The images are too large to post on here as an attachment but I have uploaded them to my website and are located here -

If any wise users out there could offer some assistance that would be greatly appreciated.