Question about reflections



why does the reflection of this object sometimes disappears when i move the camera?
p.s it’s the ShooterGame from the Learn section

Hello RndMaker,

What you are seeing is Screen Space Reflections. Screen space reflections are an engine feature that aid in the grounding of objects on flat surfaces like the ground. They are activated by default, and blend with the results of the Reflection Environment to give a more complete sense of reflection. Screen space reflections are active by default in Unreal Engine 4, but can be toggled using the console command r.SSR.Quality 3 or r.SSR.Quality 0 depending on the set. Below is the results of the reflection example scene both with (r.SSR set to 1) and without screen space reflections (r.SSR set to 0).

This is the way that SSR work and how to properly set them up. Around the edges of the screen SSR reaches the edge of what is viewable on screen.

This is intended behavior and I hope this clarifies as to why your reflections are disappearing at certain edges and angles for when the camera is moved.