Question about reflections

I’m building very dark scene with only one light source connected with a player camera (standard horror like scene). I found that all lighted objects are being reflected even on very far distance (like mirror hidden in the dark far far away). Is there any oprion to clip reflections to defined and movable area? like movable post process shell, or defined for all level main setting about reflections clipping? I tried to experiment with post process but I cannot get what I want. I don’t want to disbale reflection totally, only to objects being far from camera.

And I have other question not quite connected with reflections. When I’m using post process box I found that when player is crossing this box borders there is always some unwanted effect. Its hard to explain … like when I’m using gaussian with interesting me deep, on moment when camera is crosing this border there gaussian is set differently and even there is one second when it is turned off and then it goes to my setting. This same goes to ligthing and reflections setting. Is there any options to turn of this border effects?

hope someone knows the answers :slight_smile: I was looking for them for some time but I cannot find anything.