Question about putting 360' still images and footages.

We are developing a virtual travel VR application for a island.
This will be combined with 3D model environment and real-life 360’ still and 360’ movie footage.
We already visited the island and here are the result we got ,

360’ still images - about 13 of them,
360’ movie - 40 of them are 20 seconds long, and 5 of them are about 2 minutes long.

Most of shot were filmed using ‘Insta360 ONE X’, so it’s about 5.7k size.
We are planning to put as many images and footage as possible. But someone says Unreal engine can’t take that many 360’ footage and images, due to its size and limitation.
Is that true?
We are setting up the project targeting Oculus Lift S and Vive. So, I understand we might need to adjust the resolution and stuffs. But I still don’t understand why it can’t be done.
Can anyone enlighten us with similar experience or knowledge? Thanks.