Question about procedural textures using TexCoord node.


I’m an aspiring Technical Artist, but I’m fairly new to shader programming and material creation in general. I’ve been doing some studying about creating procedural textures using the TexCoord node as a base gradient.

I found this great tutorial with a walk-through about how functions affect this gradient to create interesting texture effects.

However, I’m having difficulty reproducing his results in UE4. I feel like I’m missing something, so if anybody can spot my mistake or direct me to any more resources like this one, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

This is the tutorial (scroll down to the “Functions” heading):

Screenshot of the bit I’m trying to reproduce:

My node graph:

The Sine node has a period of 1.0

It appears that the value I was using for the Sine node’s Period property was wrong. It defaults to 1.0, but I gave it 2pi or 6.28 and the output became the expected.