Question about optimization in UE5 project

Hi there,
I need some expertise on a question about optimization in UE5.
Currently, what is the heaviest part of an UE5 project? I mean, what makes the game run at higher or lower FPS?
Meshes ? With nanite, I believe not…
Textures’ resolutions ?
Materials ?
Something related to drawcalls ?

Another question, can the blueprints influence the optimization of the project? will a player character with more or less blueprints have an influence on the fps? and maybe even the “quality” of the code in it has its own role to play?

You succeeded in making a totally unanswerable question :slight_smile:

Basically, EVERYTHING makes a difference in the performance of a project.

Meshes, yes, if there’s too many / too much detail
Textures, yes, if there are too many different ones, too much detail
Materials, yes, if they are too heavy
Blueprints and C++, yes, you can bring the fps to it’s knees if you don’t understand how to code.
Something else, yes, definitely

Not what I wanted to hear but thanks for the answer :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Sorry, it’s the truth. If there was only one problem area, optimization would be easy.