Question about OnAudioEnvelopeValue

When we do this using AudioCapture with an Actor Class


Are we getting 120 values printed out per second because of how it’s attached to the actor (that is subjected to tick), or because of how OnAudioEnvelopeValue event is written?
Why are we also getting a stream of playback sound that extends beyond 120samples/sec, as in, shouldn’t it play bursts of 120 samples per second?

Assuming we’re able to playback 44100samples/sec since the playback sound are smooth, then why does the envelope value give us 120 values / sec?

Does it have something to do with Print String being managed by tick? Is it the Actor class that’s restricted to the tick? Or is the event itself limited by the tick?

I’m also curious about this, there seems to be a bit of latency when trying to trigger stuff off it. I wonder if it’s possible to reduce it to something less noticeable. Here’s an example

The Envelope Follower gets the last value reported by the Envelope Follower on the signal. The Event is ticked by the Game Thread which is synchronized to your video framerate. If your video card is rendering at 120 Hz, then that is the frequency your Game Thread updates.