Question about Navmesh Invokers

We’re working with a pretty big worldspace, and setting up a navmesh volume generates a massive (250mb) navmesh. Someone mentioned navmesh invokers, but I’m having a hard time finding documentation on them. Do I still need to generate the whole navmesh, and then the invoker only utilizes the area around the given actor as dictated, or can I have the bounds volume in the level and have that serve as the boundaries, without having to generate the whole mesh, and then have the invoker generate the navmesh dynamically within the bounds of the volume?

Sorry I if I worded this weird. Cheers!

Hey Wombat, had a play with this… In my project settings and under Engine: Navigation Settings I changed the recast to generate navigation only around navigation Invokers. I added the invoker component to the player character and it looks like it does what it says on the tin. It built a small patch around me (I had dropped the tile generation and tile removal right down) and the specified patch around my character was all that was generated when I ran in editor. As I ran about it didn’t generate anything more. Next I went into the recastnavmesh object in my scene hierarchy and changed runtime generation to dynamic. As I move about I can actually watch it building the navmesh and removing nav cells that are outside the invoker radius. Distant tiles go red and turn green as it builds in realtime, everything past the tile removal radius gets culled to nothing - no colour overlay from the navmesh visualiser (console command show navigation).

Hope this helps.

That’s perfect, thank you so much for experimenting for me! I really appreciate your time!