Question about my reflective windows in my environment


Im finishing my project and I have one problem with the reflective windows…

All the ilumination is dynamic

This is the material itself. As you can see is simple and I dont think it has to be with the material.

Here you can see the sphere reflection captures setup. One global for the level, medium ones for different parts and then smaller ones for the windows (actually I only placed the ones in the left buildings. I will do the rest when I get a good result!!)

An example of the material applied to a plane. If I look at the plane at that angle, you can see that is reflecting everything in an awesome way (what I would like to achieve) but at the moment I turn the camera and look from a different angle, bum!! black areas appear in it…

In the editor,you can see the reflection is really really dark (even more with the texture compression website where I am uploading the screenshots)

And when playing, you can see a little bit that some buildings are being reflected but they are almost black… with no illumination at all…

As you can see , the building of the other size is iluminated

PD: Is there any way that the windows ignore those lights that I use to light up a little bit the environment?? They look really odd, floating lights hehe

If anyone wants to take a deeper look in the project, tell me and I will try to upload it (although is more than 1gb)



Try setting the Metallic value to 1.0 instead of 0 and see if that helps. Also you are using way to many reflection actors, get rid of some as that many could have a negative impact on performance.

Hi Sam, I tried that but I get the same results:

About the reflection actors, some people told me it was ok to set that ammount and others tell me not to (and now I am a little bit confused hehe)

I tried to follow the reflections wiki page where where it explains this:


Okay if that did not work then remove all the things you have in your Roughness and instead add a constant with a value of 0.0125 and see if that helps. If it does help then slowly start to re-connect your roughness nodes to see what is stepping on your reflections. As for the reflection probes question I think about them like this. I add a huge one that ecnompasses the entire level and then start adding smaller and smaller ones to get more localized reflection if needed.

Nothing, still same results.

Here it is a video in case it helps showing the result / problem:

As an impression your capture spheres are to close to the windows well with in the reflectivity envelope and is limiting the reflective depth. Think of them as a flashlight. If to close to a window you will get a much more local effect than you would if you walk back and now the flashlight will light up more of the wall giving you a much more even lighting balance. If you need a much larger area of result use less and set the envelope to cover a much boarder area (works well with windows) and if you want to pump up highlights make them closer with a much smaller envelope.

I tried making smaller captures but I still get odd results:


I can understand how screenspace won’t be working at the angles you show here (Straight towards the windows), because they’re exactly what they say on the tin, screenspace reflections. Everything that is on screen will be reflected, they don’t work as mirrors, usually as reflections on a floor or ceiling. However what I can’t seem to tell is why your reflection captures aren’t working, they should be working fine :confused:

Your still starting with wayyyyyy to may sphere captures. Start with a single sphere down the middle of the road and increase the envelope to encompass as many buildings as possible or as you like. To make it look right though you will need some kind of back lighting inside the rooms else the windows reflection will make it look more like a metal surface.

All those spheres must kill performance big time, no? @OP

Why not use the good old fake method with a scenecapturecube?

try adding a skylight and update it

You have a PM :smiley:

Yeah I started with 5 reflection captures but I was told to add more, but the results were really similar…

I will try to add lights inside of the windows to see if it helps.

Not really, at leas none I can tell in the fps. With those reflection captures I am running the scene at 60fps

I tried the scene capture cube but as soon as I got it into the level the fps went down to 10 - 20 fps so thats why I refused to use it :S

There is a skylight already with a 0.5 intensity. If I raise the intensity (to see if it has an effect, it just increase the brightness of the reflected sky but doesn’t solve the problem :S

Thanks guys!!

What is the diffuse color of your windows your reflections are being applied to? ( What is the color unlit?) The darker your diffuse, the darker the reflection.