First of all, I can explain you about the system. In Summary, basically, our project is executed by livelink for motion capture. We use computer based in window connected and received data from “MANUS, MVN (XSENS)”. We used it for changing and put the data with motion capture software and unreal engine. Using “UDP Messaging and UNICAST” for motion capture. Sending data to “RX (3 in total)” through CISCO SG95-24 SWITCH HUB connected with 1G cable. (rx is a machine for hosting third party render engine manufactured in “DISGUISE” and used in virtual production or broadcasting or concert).

In addition, I wanna give you more detail. There is “Multi-User Server” on the 3nd floor of building. All data is transferred to all PC through 1G CABLE. It transfer data through “IP” to “DELL X1018” which is received MANUS, MVN DATA “(16PORT/1G)”. And it connected with “DELL X1008(8PORT/1G)” Through 48M CABLE on the 2nd floor. And this pc transfer data to “DELL X1018(16PORT/1G)” Located in 1st floor with 65M CABLE. And finally, this pc send data to “CISCO SG95-24(24Port/1G)” which is hub/switch through 35M CABLE. And this CISCO HUBSWITCH send data to “rx1,rx2,rx3 machine”. As the same process, through 172.30.11.xx, “Multi-User Server” send data to vx1, vx2, vx3 on 1st floor. But it is different, “multi-user server” transfer data to “NETGEAR X5508M(8PORT/10G).” And it is connected to “DELL X1018(16PORT/1G)” on the 1st floor. This PC send “CISCO SG95-24(24PORT/1G)”, and it sends data to “VX1,VX2,VX3” through D3NET SYSTEM.

“This is approximate process how to send data from multi-user server of 3rd floor to each rx machine of 1st floor.”

We all set up each unicast endpoint (,,
in unreal engine project settings. - (We use “three RX machine” so set up for that reason.) “Multicast Endpoint is set up with equally” and “static endpoint is address from computer Which is receiving MANUS, MVN data.”

This is whole system I explained but there is something I wanna ask and solve the problem.

When we do “renderstream”(The proprietary disguise protocol for controlling third party render engines from The disguise software.) in “VX” (Command to execute RX to receive and send data) when we see RX pc’s Network transfer speed.


“When total count of network receiving data is over 400Mbps” , “disguise program was already shut down or not executed well, some error could be found”. “Plus, each of rx, their network sending velocity is not similar, one is remarkably low and not as similar.”


“Is there limited network bandwidth in unreal engine? And if there is, where can I find that limited bandwidth (ex. UDP messaging plugin, WINDOWS, Unreal engine)?”

“And If not using UDP, and UNICAST, IS IT recommended To use TCP PROTOCOL-UNICAST/TCP PROTOCOL-MULTICAST or UDP PROTOCOL-MULTICAST? Can I receive and connect with LiveLink data and Signal for using that way? If do that, Is that some problem happened when sending network data or just normal to use? And if possible, which way is more compatible with LiveLink system?”


“Is it appropriate to change the cable 1G for 10G to uplift the network performance?”

IF you give me answer, I will be so appreciated for you.

-vx1,vx2,vx3,rx1,rx2,rx3 are machine and hardware of disguise and i show you below the link.