Question about light Source (directional light) and the material's normal (direction of the light)

Depending on the direction of the light, I can see the normal, however, where there is too much light or too much shadow, I can’t see the normal perfectly.
I would like to see the normal in the entire object whathever where the direction of the light is pointing out.
Should I change something in the materials’ blueprint or may I change something in the lightsource setup?

Can you show some screenshots?

Of the normal - the screenshots - depending on what that looks you may want to amplify it in the material, if instead it looks ok you may have to tweak the light.

I uploaded a screenshot. It’s the same texture, one is getting light >> almost << directly and the the other isn’t (shadow). Also, when I change the Sky Distance Threshould far away from zero, I can see better the normal, however I olny see the normal like I want where is getting light almost directly. I would like to see the normal that way even where there is shadow.
Too much shadow or too much light make the material a bad material (bad normal).

When I rotate the light source (directional light), I change where it is good and where it is bad. So always part of the scene is good and part is bad.

Both Light Source and Skylight are movable.

I think that’s partly because of just the lighting there, that’s what the shadow looks like there, if you put a sphere there to look at faces that are facing more downward it would probably have a similar look

Here is how the problem was solved: flatten normal, but instead of a positive number, I used a negative one. Now I can see the normal even where there is shadow.
Screenshot (the number can be lower or higher, but always negative):