question about culling

hi i have a question about culling in this tutorial video: Fortnite Stylized Cull\Growth Effect -Material - [UE4] - YouTube
would this way help with performance in game instead of everything always being rendered at once ?

Culling is by far one of the most effective way to optimize a game. Either you hide it really well so that the “Popping” effect is not as visible, or you turn it into an art choice/statement as in the example video.

Its all relative of course. If you have a 10x10km flat area that has thousands of meshes then yes it will most certainly help! If the scene is not any bigger than 5x5 meters with only a couple of meshes, then no the difference wont be very noticeable. It is as simple as the computer has a limit on the amount of meshes, triangles, textures it can render at once (triangles were talking a couple of millions at the very most). If you exceed that level, it will start to lag, so by culling away not as important items (usually far away in the distance) we can avoid reaching the limit. With that being said, when you play an AAA open world title you can be sure that they are using culling to the maximum!


Apart from culling the other thing that helps performance is the LOD setup. Meshes that are far from the player have fewer polygons. So a building in the distance might just be a simple box when seen in the distance. This can bring the polygon count down from thousends to perhaps less than a hundred