Question about creating perfect reflection - Unreal Engine 4



I have created simple reflection material and put over the vehicle modeling.
Cube texture is applied.
It seems simple but cube texture has been applied well. If I tweak a bit I think I can create cool vehicle material.


But then in Unreal Engine 4, when the material was applied to the mesh, after setting the reflection material, the reflection image quality seems to be low.
This vehicle should have clear reflection image. Like when it was applied in the UDK.

To solve this problem, I have changed the properties of HDRI texture (which was applied to the reflection) to Nonmipmap.
After, I could see it was improved a bit, but that wasn’t the solution that can eliminate the problem.
Since it was almost impossible to play (because of the calculating issue).
That’s why I’m looking for a solution here.

It seems like it’s only happening in Unreal Engine 4.
What seems to be the problem?
I really would like to find out the solution.
Material? Mesh?

And actually I’m facing to another issue at the moment.


I see unknown bumpy rugged surface. The material I have used is “Dynamic Car Paint Material” which is in the Unreal Market Place.
This mesh is created in 3DMAX, and when exporting, turbosmooth was applied.
Polycount is 49584.


The mesh that was exported without applying turbosmooth, seems to look better than before.
This mesh’s polycount is 3094.
The bumpy rugged surface seems to be lessened.
But it still has some in different angles.


The numbers in the picture are the polycounts.
I wonder if there is any relation to the numbers and the results.
I have researched a lot in order to solve this issue.
I couldn’t find these problems in the UDK.
Could this be Unreal Engine 4’s system problem?

I hope someone can save my life.

Thank you for reading.

There looks like something with your normals. Maybe u should try to average or smooth them. Also try to change “compute normal” to “import normal” and reimport mesh.