Question about Camera positions

Im trying to create a camera that follows the HMD location in order to avoid having player stick his head into walls and such. So as far as i can tell, the camera has an Lock to HMD checkbox, which allow me to get the position and rotation set automatically from the HMD. Grabbing the WorldTransfrom off the Camera works just fine. So the problem is that if i switch to look through a different camera (lets call this a FollowCamera), i want to set the Transform of the FollowCamera to be the same of the first Camera and adjust that transform to not stick into meshes and such. But when i switch to look through the FollowCamera, the first camera starts to output strange values.

So what is the logic to get the raw data out manually from the Get Orientation and Position Node so it matches what i can get off the Get WorldTransform? Hope this question makes sense? Btw i did try following a different thread suggestion, but that didn’t work for me either.