Question about a future project

  • The old project could not be restored, after 39% it stops and that’s it. I turned off the static lighting check box and restarted the project. Well, he’s finished now. For a new project, you need to move just models, not blueprints and not meshes, namely simple objects of blue color. Can I do this and how? They need to have a polygon collision mask. And not this capsule is useless. I want my ship to move through the water and rotate the masts, the slider and the steering wheel, and at the same time the main character can move on the deck through the polygonal colosseum. And the second question is how to implement so that you can change weapons (medieval) and clothing (greaves, chain mail, armor, helmets, shoulder pads, etc.) I understand that you need a naked hero and clothes are put on him, she uses the same skeleton and moves together with the hero during the animation.