Quest2 via Oculus Link, "Vertex Fogging For Opaque" Right Eye Rendering Error (?)
UPDATEI’ve isolated the issue to “Vertex Fogging For Opaque” (Forward Renderer), when this is enabled I get the issue, when it’s disabled everything works great. Still not sure why…

When using Oculus Link, when I unselect Instanced Stereo and just have Mobile Multi-View selected and Play in VR (to my Quest2) the right eye seems to be rendering the scene twice, split in the middle, right half black with objects, left half normal-ish with some objects removed. Images attached as links.

When I Launch/build to my headset both eyes render fine. And when I turn Instanced Stereo back on it also renders normally again.

UE 4.26.latest + UE Oculus GitHubBuild.release show same issue