Quest2 for Mobile and PC - Unreal Engine Project Settings

Is it possible, that Epic releases two DEMO-Projects, that include the recommended Project Settings for launching a game on the Quest2 for Mobile and PC?

That would be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much!

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I think it is difficult because many of the settings are “use only if you want to pay a cost for this feature”. Sometimes after upgrading engine version, a setting (new setting?) becomes “you need this now, because you were using things that require it and so with it off everything looks broken now” (I’m looking at you “Use Shared Movable Spotlight / Point Light Shaders”). As someone who just finished getting their project working again after moving from 4.25 to 4.26, I think what I would want is just some way of knowing which settings are not supported at all so I know I shouldn’t bother giving them a try. Something like: Working; Broken; Not Supported.

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Both are great feedback and I agree with you both. I want to see a template for Quest 2 streaming wireless PCVR and also see where each settings is working/broken for each platform.