Quest Prevent Game Thread stopping when Headset Sleeps

Hello, I need engine source code changes/fix for enabling the oculus quest headset hosting a peer to peer game to keep running the game thread in the background if the headset goes to sleep while player is hosting a game so the clients experience isn’t ruined

I’m not sure if that’s possible since the hardware itself goes to sleep. The “solution” I’ve used for this in the past is to adjust the sleep settings on the device itself.

its “simply” a matter of adjusting the source code to not turn off the game thread during sleep it can keep the render thread off during sleep. This should be standard actually that the game thread can or will keep running in the background on the headset.

There are custom game engines people have made that do not have this issue its a code issue in the engine and really needs to be fixed.

I feel this is very important to my game I do not want my game to look bad because someone hosted didn’t adjust sleep timer needs to remove headset for a moment and the game freezes for everyone in a very broken and bad way that I do not want or like