Quest: How to copy Game to Oculus Quest?

Just a genaral question:

  • are there any specific requirements how to package the game for the Oculus Quest?
  • any guide or video tutorial that shows how to package the game for the Quest and how to copy it and launch it on the Quest?

Thank you so much for any little info,
appreciate it!

Hey @BernhardRieder

You need to package it to the Quest from your UE4 Project!
Also from your Phones Oculus app, you need to also make sure your Quest is in developer mode!
When everything is configured (takes time) and your Quest is connected with ideally a USB 3.1 cable you can launch directly from Unreal!
Launching from Unreal creates your Project on your device with the Unknown Sources folder (if enabled within your Oculus desktop application!)
here’s help >

I’m on this forum because I am wanting to know if it is possible to simply copy and paste a Android_ATC Packaged build from my PC to my Quest or friends Quest ?

I may ask this as a seprate topic!!!

Hey @BernhardRieder sorry i think i may of made things more confusing, this guys video helped me, (you may have already seen it now!)