Quest handtracking in Unreal

Oculus just released the handtracking feature on the Quest and an SDK will be available next week according to Hand Tracking SDK for Oculus Quest Available with v12 Release | Oculus
In the linked post they mention that the Unity integration and native SDK will be available immediately while Unreal will be released somewhere in the first half of 2020.

Is there an estimated release version of Unreal where this feature will ship (Or an estimate when it will be available from source)? Our product which will make use of the handtracking feature will start development in about 1-2 months and it would be nice to have a better estimate on the timing of the Unreal integration.

Alternatively it does seem that it would not be too hard to implement the feature into the engine ourselfs as long as Unreal is using the native Oculus VRAPI under the hood for oculus VR. I did not check the source code yet, but does anyone know how Oculus VR features are implemented in Unreal and got an estimate on the amount of work it would be to update the sdk version and add a small API layer on top of the native sdk for handtracking for an experienced C++ developer?

If you need bleeding-edge features of the Oculus SDK just go with their source version that has the newest SDK integrated. The lack a bit behind the epic games repo but I would guess in 1-2 months they should be up to 4.24 as well.

Any more info on when this feature is coming out? Unity released it this week.

Still waiting for an update. Really sad that unreal is handiccaped here. Want to start developing my game but I ain´t touching Unity for sure!

Estimated release for Unreal SDK according to Oculus is “first half of 2020” (that is the only info as to timing I have)

I believe the Oculus ‘storefront’ is built on Unity, so that would explain why UE SDK is coming after.

Thanks for the update. It would be really neat if epic did a crash course on this for a webcast. :slight_smile:

Unofficial UE4 Plugin for Oculus Quest Hand Tracking: GitHub - rfsheffer/QuestHands: An Unreal Engine 4 plugin for the new Oculus Quest hands tracking. To tie us over till Oculus's official release.

Thanks, Will check this out

Thank you @HelloEnjoy, that´s great :slight_smile:

Any news on the hand tracking for unreal? The Oculus website has instructions for how to turn on Hand tracking in Unreal but that must only be for the Oculus branch?

As far as I know no news for now. It’s fully integrated and working pretty well in the Oculus Branch though. I’m currently working on hand tracking game and so far it’s all working pretty well.

if you don’t want to use oculus branch, you will have to wait until 4.26 is released.

GIve it a try to oculus branch, is very easy to install.

Hello! How are you? I am trying to open HandsTrainSample scene so I have cloned…e-1.49.0-v17.0, this is the oculus branch, isn’t it? I receive the following error when I run the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file:

ERROR: Not expecting project C:\Users\xxxx\Downloads\UnrealEngine-4.25\Engine\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\HandsTrainSample.vcxproj to already have a target rules of with configuration name Game (HandsTrainSampleTarget) while trying to add: HandsTrainSampleTarget

Does anybody know how to fix this?


EDIT: Hi, forget this please! I’ve just realised that there were two folders “HandsTrainSample” and “HandsTrainSample 4.25”, so removed
the second one and executed GenerateProjectFiles.bat without errors. It’s building in Visual Studio now.