Quest for Texture Sharpness: Detail vs Filtering Issues

Hi, I want to use Cubemaps for 360 stereo viewer and only when I use NoMipmaps it’s as crisp as it should be. When I do use all mipmaps not only does it take more space but the quality goes down very considerably. The entire Cubemap gets blurred. I found out this is the expected behavior though (mind wonders if it’s still OK for mirror and shiny clean reflections of steel).

But I would’ve preferred 1 mip level to get rid of filtering issues when moving the camera as the pixels shimmer a lot.

I solved this by actually making a cube with 6 textures for now but I feel that using cubemaps would produce sharper and less performance heavy results. I need the image to be as crisp as possible on FHD, QHD and 4k mobile displays and as I found out there is some blurring when using normal textures on a cube but on the other hand, there is severe shimmering of pixels when using NoMipmaps Cubemap.

I feel it’s possible to get sharper image without any shimmering. I know I can’t get the Cubemap sharpness but I also hope I can get something even sharper.

The image below is a GIF so look close please. :slight_smile:

(1536x1536) Cubemap NoMipmaps vs (1536x1536) Textures on Cube with mipmaps:


You are expected to have shimmering without proper mip-maps.
Why don’t you look at alternative anti-aliasing and post-process sharpening techniques instead?

Ok all is figured out now.

It turned out the compression was doing the texture ill so I turned it off and now everything looks a tad sharper.

Now it looks very similiar and I am happy and satisfied with the result.