Quest Developers: I Need a Little Unreal Engine Installation Support for MacOS

If you are not an Oculus Quest Developer using Unreal, this Post is not for you.

I am trying to develop an app in Unreal again and this time take it further than previous prototypes. Unlike last time I am developing on a Mac and while I can get Unreal installed no problem and performance is great in the editor, I cannot launch to my Quest without major errors. I have looked high and low across the Oculus Development site and outside of general install “tips” there is no step by step guide. I did find 1 video on how to install (Unreal Engine 4.23 Oculus Quest Mac Developer Set up - YouTube), but I am getting errors. I have spent a week now trying to get it working. Maybe I made an install error, but without a guide, how would I really know? I would appreciate if someone here could lend a hand.

I switched to Unity as it seems to be a much more active community. I guess Unreal is not really intended for the Oculus Quest.