Quest 2 Vulkan Performance Issues

6K video playback on Vulkan is terrible where as on OpenGL it’s smooth but using OpenXR and a quest 2 I can’t get OpenGL working without a crash dealing with textures inside an openGL class. Anyone found a work around in 5 or 5.1?

I have never been able to use ogl for quest
they freeze on load
I have not seen anything about how to make it work, only that it won’t really and you should use vulkan
I personally think ogl looks a lot better.

I managed to find a magic combo that worked for me in 4.27 for OpenGL on Pico and Quest.
NO luck so far on 5/5.1

let us know if you figure it out
I personally prefer the look of ogl fx to vulkan.
And I myself use 8k stereo 360 bkd env images a lot

I had to change Mobile Anti Aliasing method from MSAA to FXAA to get it to work OGL but it’s very pixelated. So in UE5 I either have the choice between terrible performance with Vulkan or terrible AA with OGL :man_facepalming: