Quest 2 packaging problem

I am using UE 4.26 and Oculus Quest 2 and I have strange problem with deploying unreal project to Quest.

When I build new project based on VR template (but without most objects, basicaly I use just floor mesh and VR pawn with Navigation mesh) everything works fine, Quest is playing project just as intended. But when I put some assets from asset store and build project (only static mesh actors with shadows disabled), Quest is loading forever and never realy loads project. Anyone has any ideas why this is happening?

Here are some settings I use:
mobile msaa: 4xmsaa
mobile HDR: disabled
minimum sdk version: 25
target sdk version: 25
sdk api level: latest
ndk api level: android-19

Thanks in advance

Actualy, it looks like my problem is a lot simpler than I thought at first. Looks like my second build needs some cleanup, it takes a lot longer to build and doesnt work on quest. I just change version number (from 1.0 to 1.1 for example) and leave everything else the same and still it doesn’t work unlike my first build.
What do I have to do to make my second build (I guess that I have to delete some directories)?