Quest 2 Development

I am having a hard time finding any specific sources, Foren or tutorials developing specifically for the Oculus Quest 2.

Who is interested please feel free to join my slack channel.
You can find the link at my resource page:

If anyone knows great sources, groups or platforms, video tutorials etc. please add all your sources below.

Appreciate any little help!
Happy Pixeling,

I believe that the base dev work is going to stay the same as before. While the hardware will be better, we are still going to run into the same limitations as we would on any Android device. That being said, the current projects should run better.
I do want to see what is going to be needed to take advantage of higher framerates, and what other benefits the new system will give us.
I also want to add that your site has been an awesome resource for getting the fps up on our current project! Went from 45-55 fps, to being locked at 72!

Thank you appreciate it. I am still trying to connect more and more people interested developing specifically for the Oculus Quest 2. I am planning to add a dedicated slack channel, so we can better communicate when creating Quest 2 projects.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of resources out there. Do you know any other groups, foren, or sources where people are hacking specifically for the Quest 2?

I wish there would be specific tutorials out, dedicated for the Oculus Quest 2. That would help a lot!

Thanks for any other resources, hints and suggestions.


The Discord #UnrealSlackers has an active VR group.

Hi, Im new to VR and want to buy an Oculus Quest 2.
Is the Oculus Quest 2 compatible with Unreal Engine?

Yes, it’s still the same android backend used in Quest. Your workflow and pipeline for building VR content shouldn’t change between Quest and Quest 2.

I bought the Oculus Qest 2!!! I installed the ADB drivers and NDK 21b through Android Studio 4.1 and it worked fine. Then I noticed in a Unreal page that we should be using version 3.5.3 of Android Studio for Unreal 4.25. It still the case? or by using Android Studio 4.1 is ok and don’t encounter any problems in the future?

I haven’t done any Quest2 development myself (I work on the research side, this is a product side question) so I can’t comment with much authority here. If the UE4 docs don’t help, you can also take a look at our developer docs for deploying to Quest 2 here:

How can one join your channel? Opening that link it only says login.

yes, I noticed. you need to have an invitation link.
The link on my resource page will fix that problem.

I’m having issues lauching the vr template on my quest 2. I followed the instruction according to UE and installed Android Studio 3.5.3. The OculusVR plugin version is 1.44, which is not compatible with UE 4.25 according to Oculus documentation, therefore I suspect the UE documentation might need an update, but I would appreciate any suggestions.