Quest 2 as dev headset for SteamVR

I’m using VirtualStreamer to use my Quest 2 like a wireless SteamVR headset. Works good, but not in the UE editor.

The furthest I’ve gotten is managing to get it to enable the VR preview button by leaving the headset in VR mode (via the Virtual Desktop Quest app overlay) but UE never uses the headset and it stays in the SteamVR empty environment.

This would be a kickass headset to develop with, as it’s light and untethered. Anyone gotten it to work?

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Same pb here: i can develop content when the Quest 2 is USB connected but as soon as i want to stream content in wireless mode it doesn’t display anything…
Would be awesome to add a steamVR wireless compatibility for UE4 please Epic !
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Did you ever figure out how to get it working op?

Works for me, with a few issues:

  • After some update (UE or Virtual Desktop, not sure) thumbsticks input stopped working. They are working when I build the game for Quest platform so it is probably some quirk with SteamVR or Virtual Desktop. Any help with this would be appreciated! I remember having to migrate from Motion Controller to Oculus Touch inputs after UE update.
  • If you restart SteamVR while UE is on, you will need to restart UE as well. This might be related to the issue you’re having. Try to run everything in this order:
  1. Connect your Quest 2 wireless over Virtual Desktop
  2. Make sure SteamVR is running. If not, there is an option in Virtual Desktop to turn it on.
  3. Launch your UE project. This can be done through Virtual Desktop as well (in Desktop mode)
  4. Run VR Preview. If you’re in Desktop mode, this is the point when you should “switch to VR”.
  5. When you’re done testing and click Esc button, you VR will start glitching. Just switch back to Desktop mode.
    Hope this helps. It sure is kickass headset for development once you get it working. I personally just need to figure out why thumbsticks are not working anymore.

Tried to get the VR editor to work with VD and quest2. Noticed that all of the buttonmapping are missing for oculus touch under input.

Maybe someone are better then me to map the bindings correctly?

Need to open vr mode editor first to get the initial bindings (only vive and index look to be mapped)

Also, looked at the log and ovrplugin fails maybe because it is v1.51 in ue and latest from oculus should be 1.59? Or maybe that thing does Nothing?

Did anyone figure out how to fix the oculus touch controls? I can also get my Quest 2 to work in the VR Preview when using Air Link. Paying for Virtual Desktop is not necessary on top of the fact Virtual Desktops is lower visual quality compared to Oculus native Air Link. When I try to play my game it just goes to a black screen so far, but the VR preview is working with head tracking in the Quest 2. I just don’t have any touch control inputs working.