Quest 2 - Are there alternatives to Mobile HDR? For non-store releases is it a manageable cost?

Quests are, of course, one of the lightest weight headsets in a performance heavy platform, so there are certain features that simply won’t work. Other features, however, are simply inadvisable. I’m pretty sure Mobile HDR is one of those. I tested it early on to check the cost of certain PP effects, but forgot to do a side-by-side with it disabled. My builds are currently blocked by an unrelated error so I can’t do more testing just yet (only endless compiling if I try).

I’m wanting to turn Mobile HDR back on. I’ve got a project that won’t be on the Oculus store and therefor won’t require the perfect 90FPS at all times. Realistically, with how simplistic the experience is, we can get away with much less so long as the performance is stable. There won’t be many unexpected spikes.

What I specifically want out of Mobile HDR is the extended color depth (in context, the depth of colors in a day/night cycle built with Ultra Dynamic Sky). The colors I’m previewing in SM5 are disgustingly more beautiful than those in ES3.1, including way more darks and far richer saturated colors. When I toggle my preview off in editor, I have to step away from the computer for a few minutes because all of my work looks gray in comparison despite having been great moments before.

What’s been everyone else’s experience working with Mobile HDR enabled for VR? Are there ways to alleviate the initial cost of enabling it? Are there alternatives that will help improve colors without using the feature (Vulkan is still a mystery box to me)? Does the mobile preview of ES3.1 even show an accurate representation of color for Quest? Would the Quest even display the nicer colors I’m looking for?