Quest 2 and Rich Text

Hello all!

I’ve spent some time making a log for a simple shooter game which displays who killed who and with what (via image) and also colours the players based on their team. What I didn’t realise is that for whatever reason Rich Text is disabled when I launch my game and run it on the headset (opposed via the link). I can’t find any settings about disabling this anywhere.

Is there any way to get the Rich Text to work on the headset? Am I being thick? Any and all responses greatly received!

Has no-one used rich text on a Quest 2 or Android device? I really can’t find much on this anywhere in UE docs or just the net in general.

Having sifted through the code it appears the UE_ENABLE_ICU is being set to 0 on Android, but I can’t find where that is happening.

I have added the below line to my (project).Target.cs:
bCompileICU = true;

This has allowed me to have Rich Text on the Quest 2 display.