Quering landscape layers from other blueprints?

Hi guys!

I wanted to ask you for some advice about what’s the best way to implement some sort of ability to paint “danger” zones on landscapes or objects.

Basically what I want to do is to paint areas on landscapes. Let’s say I painted “dangerous” zones. Then what I would like to do is to query those maps from other blueprints. As well I would like to be able to dynamically change those maps. Let’s say the player built something and that will affect and change that “danger” map.

I’m not sure if using landscape layers for that is the best solution, also I’m not sure if I can edit those maps from other blueprints (is that possible?)

What about render targets? Is that’s the right way to go?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi man,
Take a look at " Decals "
with them you can Project a texture on the meshes of the level , pretty sure you can change them and move them by levvelblueprint.
I ddont remember if they can, or must be , baked on the maps.

a random tutorial on internet about decals

Hi **Est_engine**Thank you for suggestion! I’m not sure if decals can be use for what I’m trying to do? Sounds like pretty cool trick, which I would love to know how to implement.

Let me explain in more details what I’m trying to achieve:

1. There is a landscape, with some objects on it and etc.

2. Then I want to paint (for now by hand but later will be procedural generated) a “danger” zones, which are some areas on map.

3. Now player built a red building somewhere close to danger zone:

4. Now I want subtract some values from that map base on radius from that building lets say.

5. As you can tell I need to be able to query value of that map base on worldspace position. Obviously that map isn’t visible to player, it’s just containing some data.

So best way to implement it in unreal is to use decals?

Thanks for more directions.