Quality Settings


I am learning UE4 fast but there is this one basic feature that i still do not understand that doesn’t seem to be accessible through the editor, quality settings

Basically i want my game to run in 1080p with Vsync, sg.ShadowsQuality 1 and so on…

Eventually i will want to make a UI with customizable settings but for now, for testing purpose, how do i set these settings so that every time i launch standalone mode it launches with the settings and resolution i want

I managed to make a Blueprint and execute Fullscreen, sg.ShadowsQuality 1 etc… on launch, but the resolution is 1600x900 and there is no Vsync, also by pressing Alt+Enter twice to minimize then go back to fullscreen, reverts my custom settings and uses “Epic”


There some rendering option in Edit->Project Settings, for more advance edit ini files in Config/, which contains default settings of the game, in Saved/Config you see current settings, inis are compatible, difference is Config/ got Default*.ini names

Thanks for the answer,

I have looked around in the Editor settings and couldn’t find anything related to the graphic settings (scalability), Quick settings works but it seems to only affect the editor.

About the ini files, from what i understand i can write the commands there and it would launch the game with those settings, however there are a bunch of them and some of them are already packed with commands, this is very unintuitive for me

Is it possible to write the ini settings from the withing the editor (Blueprints?) overwriting the ini files on every launch?

I am making a game for the Oculus Rift and it is important that the game launches in 1080p with Vsync at all times, i also want control over the shadows, effects, postprocess, AA and view distance settings

Thanks again

This page has helped me Performance Profiling

If needed, you can put the settings in
ConsoleVariables.ini with this syntax:
cvarname=value. To find the right
console variable, you can use
DumpConsoleVars or the auto completion
system. Most rendering variables start
with r…

That seems a little too advanced for me right now, but i managed to make it work through blueprints, it’s probably not the best method but it will allow me to test my game

That’s the blueprint