Quality quickly dropping with distance

Hello, I want to start by saying I’m very new to UE.

I am mostly interested in doing textures and materials but I don’t know much about rendering and shaders.

So I created a material with Substance designer and applied it on a static mesh with only one LOD.

The resulting material mesh looks like this:

It is absolutely terrific from short distance, but already at 3 meters (pawn height is 1.92 meters) the texture looks absolutely messy and terrible.

I recomputed and built lighting and everything but it just feels bad.

Can anybody help and give me some reference to better understand what I’m doing wrong and how this kind of stuff works?

Okay I fixed this with changing the mipmap levels.

How do I create an external control on specific mipmap levels based on each material istance?

The effect you are seeing is not caused by the distance, but by the angle you are looking at the surface. To solve it you should raise the max level of anisotrophic filtering allowed. First make sure the filter of the texture is set to “Default (from Texture Group)” or no anisotropic filtering will be used. Then raise your scalability settings for texture quality as it also defines anisotrophy level. If you want to go even further you can manually set r.MaxAnisotropy to 16, either through the console or in your ini files.

thank you, I will check this :slight_smile: