Quadro K4000 or GTX570?

I’m using a DK2 at work with Unreal4 and wanting to know what the better option is for a graphics card:

Nvidia Quadro K4000 or Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 (potentially 2). I have the Quadro card installed and am underwhelmed by the performance despite being a relatively decent card. I have two GTX570s going unused I’m thinking about swapping.

Will I get potentially any better performance with a Geforce card for Unreal4 / Oculus DK2?

i think neither will give you a decent performance (correct me if i am wrong but oculus doesnt scale in sli set up), if i was you id sell the quadro and buy a gtx 970 or r9 290.

I thought the were designed for different things? (could be wrong) I am guessing the Geforce series are better for the gaming type of thing…

If you already have the 570s why not just put them in and test. Will take about 30 minutes total and you will have a definitive answer. Anyway, look here: That seems to indicate to me the 570 is much better.

Between the two the 570 will definitely be better but overall I wouldn’t recommend anything lower than a GTX 780…

I used Quadro with UE4 for one month and performance was very poor. 570 will give you much better performance than Quadro. Since you have two of them go ahead and try SLI.

yeh, tested both at work. I get double the frame rate on the GTX 780 and another machine has a quadro 4000 and it’s literally half the speed.