QR tracking is activated but not scanning for markers

Hello, I’ve been trying to get the Hololen 2 to do Mixed Reality QR tracking (Unreal 4.27) and feedback the position of the physical marker so that I can drop other geometry in that location. I am currently activating the ARCapture within my level blueprint.

Then having a second blueprint with the ARTrackableNotify componenet that should activate the On Add Tracked Geometry Event to locate the tracker.

However, I am unsure if the QR marker I want to track has to be inputted as an image somewhere or if it should automatically detect it. When I run the code, it all fully compiles and and runs but the ARTrackableNotify Blueprint is never triggered with any QR code. Anyone know what might be happening or have a link to an accurate tutorial? thanks

Did you add the QR Blueprint actor to the scene? You could also try to change the debug box color to green because black is equivalent to transparent, so if it detects a QR code, u’ll be able to tell. Also have you added an “On Add Tracked Geometry” event in the Blueprint actor?

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to run the program on a Hololens 2 in VR mode.
Also, how did you set up your ARSessonConf blueprint.
A nice video tutorial from start to finish would be great.

For the ARSessionConf, I follow this tutorial: Creating your first HoloLens Unreal application - Mixed Reality | Microsoft Learn. You could also try this video: UE4 Hololens 2 Basic Setup - YouTube

Tried both of those…no luck.
If you got it to work…how about posting a tutorial…or a complet project on