Q re: Best Practices, multiple ways to do the same thing

Quick Niagara Question… I see at least two ways to access a color variable via bp and set it… I can’t tell which is preferable, if either.

I can either use SetNiagaraVariable or SetColorParameter.

Both work, both pass the same name via variable/parameter and color via inValue/param … thoughts on when one is used over the other? I’ve heard that SetColorParameter was grandfathered in from Cascade (?) … idk if that matters or makes any performance difference.

I’m assuming since both work either route is fine, but since they’re both there thought it was worth checking in on the off chance perhaps one is recommended. If so, why it is would also be worth knowing…

I haven’t looked, but I’m assuming that SetNiagaraVariable is in the Niagara part of the context-sensitive node lookup, and it’s probably a good idea to use that instead of the other…

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