Putting component in other blueprint into default value.

Ok guys, so I’m trying to do a camera movement along spline like in this tutorial Tutorial: Blueprint Spline locked sidescroller (e.g. Klonoa / Pandemonium style game) - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums .
The problem I’ve occured is when I try to get spline component from empty actor to mine First Person Character blueprint as a default value, which it should follow like in screenshot below.

I don’t know how to put this spline component from empty actor. Here I also upload a screenshot how does it look like inside.

Because of that I can’t really do my spline based movement and I’m stuck :confused: All hope in you guys :slight_smile:


I have done this TUT and works 100%. You may of missed a step somewhere along the way.

It is a quick tutorial, so quickly go back over it and you will find something you missed.

Without looking at your entire code will be hard to pick my the error.


I’ve really tried everything and now it’s different. There isn’t such thing as Spline_C, but Spline Component only which can’t be turned into variable with this “green eye” in tutorial. It’s component straight from beginning and I can’t do nothing to make it as variable.

This looks like something odd might have happened. Try removing the spline component and recreating it. You should not see Default Value for a component after the first compile.

Ok guys, I’ve got this sorted out, it was really simple and dumb :slight_smile:

When I was changing variable type I was writing “Spline” all the like in tutorial so it gave me Spline Component, but my empty actor with spline component inside was called “Actor Blueprint” so that’s what I had to type in since beginning :slight_smile:

Stupid mistake, but hopefuly someone will see this topic and won’t make same mistake.

Thanks for your help guys.

Ok so you were right from the start, thanks :slight_smile: