Putting collision on a Snow Globe

Make an asset in Blender, import to UE, super size the asset (mesh),
Problem–I need to be able to have my character go in and out of this item. As well, not walk through it.
Imagine a snow globe and you need to build a level in it. The glass of the globe needs the bounds but not the inside area where I am working. Impossible???

This is possible, the amount of work you do for this would be determined by your gameplay type. Is this a flying sort of situation where you need to block people from passing through it at all locations or is it ground based, etc?

I would probably break up the different sections into your own collision meshes that can be reused and moved in game or use volumes to do the same. One giant collision created in your content creation program would probably end up being annoying depending on how your mesh works.

As goofy as it may sound it is exactly as described. The scenario of the snow globe is what I am doing. Although your statement may have lessened the burden. The people are trapped in the globe and the glass needs to be blocked but only so much of it. No air strike in this one.

Still confused, you say they need to go in and out but that they are trapped in it (implying they don’t go in and out). This mainly just determines if you need external collision.

You may want to start by just using complex collision on your globe and see how that works for you

it is due to my inexperience of the engine. I have too much to learn. I made the globe in Blender. The collision repels any entry to it at all. If I remove the collision then players walk through the walls. Ground based. What volumes are you refering to? I understand that I am overlooking something simple. I feel bad asking actually.

You can do custom collision with multiple hulls that would work which you can see in a short tutorial I did here: [TUTORIALS] Photons Be Free: Mini-tutorials and other curiosities - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums


You can enable Per-Poly collision that will use the meshes geometry as the collision. This is not always ideal for every object and can cause problems, but for some objects, like this, it can work well enough to get the results you need.

You can enable this by going to the Static Mesh Editor > Details Panel on the right > Static Mesh Settings Tab > Collision Complexity > Use Complex Collision as Simple

I hope this helps.