Pusing entensity of static point light up dims other lights light not real time in viewer


I noticed that when I drag a point or spot static light into the editor in the viewer the light doesn’t actually show
in the viewer as it did in previous versions of U4.
Even if I up the intensity it still doesn’t show.
Only after a build then the light shows.
If I try and up the intensity after the build it doesn’t show (the difference).
Again only after I do a build the difference shows.
Also another weird thing is that if I up the intensity of a light, spot or point light in the viewer, right before build, it actually dims the other lights in the viewer.
This is very strange.
But the light I just dragged in doesn’t show any light yet, only after build.
After build all the lights in the scene looks fine.

Hi everyone sorry my bad.
I had lighting channels confused with light map channels.
Thought it was the same thing.
Looks like I have to stick to channel 0 for mesh if I am not lighting in channels.
Got it.
Lights are now showing in real time as I drag them in and no dimming of other lights issues.
Still learning ( slap ) :slight_smile: