Push / Pull values from aws

Hey guys,

So I’ve started a new project, I want to use Amazon Web Service (AWS) to create a database (MySQL or DynamoDB?) Then I want to be able to pull data from it, I also want to write data to the database from the app.
I figure I need 3 databases (User Login/User Status/Game Stats).

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to do this?
Me and a mate are completely new to app <> server <> database side and after a week of attempts we have yet to get very far.
We might also look into blueprinting it if we figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Old post - not sure how far you got - but…

Recently I’ve integrated DynamoDB using http requests. Packet signing is well documented but still a pain in the backside and I’ve still got a string issue I’m trying to resolve (multibyte utf8 characters cause problems for me) but otherwise it’s not too tricky once you’ve got some wrapper code to hide building all the jSon for the requests and the interface allows you to do partial reads and writes of items, atomic increments etc. Pretty neat.

I’ve posted code on this forum that does most of the AWS http header signing though it requires some amount of modification for DynamoDB requests (it was aimed at downloading files from s3).

Their C++ libraries are possibly an easier approach but I haven’t tried integrating them.