Push Niagara Local Volumetric Clouds away with character


I’ve made a local volumetric cloud in Niagara with use of a SphereMask. Could somebody give me some tips on how to make the particles be pushed away when walking through the local volumetric fog with a character?
The collision does work on solid objects but not on the character even though it has a collision capsule in the blueprint. I’ve been browsing the web for some time but haven’t been able to find away.

Thanks in advance


Hum. interesting.

So approximation may be the best way here - because I have no idea what you have setup.

I would put a custom mask (shape of character collision) within the cloud material. Adjust it’s projection to be powered by a MPC(material parameter collection) Location vector, and use it to alter the opacity of the material.
In theory that should create the fade effect on all the 2d parts that make up the cloud.

IF you have a volumetric material, same thing by moving a sphere mask around.

Hi MostHost,

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion!

The only downside of this way (if I understand it correctly) would be that all the particles would fade out instead of just the particles that are colliding with the collision capsule of the character.
The effect I’m after is similar to this YouTube video tutorial:

I figured out away to do it :slight_smile: I inverted a point attraction force and linked the player location to the point source location. Now when I the character moves inside the volumetric fog the particles inside the radius will move away.


Just keep in mind that fading out the material should be cheaper than moving particles around.
Depends on particle amount, particle size.

You could also displace them with a vector field from niagara if you wanted to create specific shapes or similar.

Cool, thnx for the tips!

Have a great day.