Pure Material Concept Question (Water Filling Mobile Screen)

Can anyone point me in the right direction, in figuring out how to create a pure material that would look like water/liquid filling up the mobile screen? Starts from the bottom and bubbles or splashes it’s way as it fills up? Leaving behind just a blue screen on it’s way to fill up.

I’m not looking for any handouts or complete solutions (although that’d be great lol), just some pointers and maybe some logic samples in how to achieve this type of effect.

Thanks in advance.

Any example?because soubds like a post process material

@DonFrag - Sure. I can’t seem to find the exact example that would work. I was considering doing it with just 3 different color of blue textures that kind of rise in UMG at different rates as they go up the screen. Point being - I’m not looking for super clean realism, the game itself is cartoony and we are wanting it to be kind of like a game-over screen animation that just fills up if you fail. Almost similar to a reverse-Mario Kart inking, but with liquid that fills up the screen.

With that being said, and taking into account the unrealistic/cartoony look-and-feel, these are the videos I found represent the overall functionality of the material I’m trying to achieve, without the pouring of water above it.

See link below for a realistic version.

See this link for a less realistic version: Water Fill Screen Animation - Green Screen Footage - YouTube

Thanks in advance for any help.