Psx style effect help!

hi im trying to make a ps1 era style post process effect. i already have 1 post procss material that pixelates everything and replaces the tonemapper. is there a way that i can make a post process volume that stretches materials on objects towards the corner of the screen? please let me know as soon as possible. thanks.

btw i am using blueprints.

You need to show an example. But I assume the answer is NO. As PP operated on GBuffer, that is basically a bunch of images, there is no geometry at this stage.

The most prominent “effect” of PS1 was the lack of position precision. So the vertices of the meshes were snapping to certain rounding of the world coordinates. It can be achieved in the Vertex shader of the model, but not in the PP. (i think you can find examples of that shader on the web).

ok thanks.

alright i found what i want. i want to create something like the grid snapping effect you mentioned. i have no idea how i could go about this.