PSVR used as a University learning tool

Hi there,

I work for the University of Wollongong as a 3d generalist creating learning resources for academics and their students and we’ve created a rough VR demo to be pitched to the academics on campus using the Vive ( ) but we’re thinking the Vive along with a PC is going to be a bit expensive, so we’re thinking the PSVR road might be the go.

So before we commit too far, we were wondering what Playstation development was like compared to the Vive?


  1. For the Vive you just export out a .exe but is it that easy for the Playstation, ie can we connect it to a pc and export from UE4 straight to the playstaion hard drive (forgive my ignorance I’ve only ever had a PS1 ) ? Or is they’re a more convoluted way of producing for the Playstation (like App development for Apple? ie you have to apply and download their software etc)

  2. Is there much editing that a UE4 project needs if it was designed for the Vive but is now needed for a Playstation?

Thanks in advance.