PSVR & MSAA Looks aweful

Hello community!

I’m not going to say much, but I kinda want an explanation about why the PSVR and MSAA looks super bad compared to TemporalAA? I have sooo many jagged lines compared to TAA.

I changed the MSAA to x4 & x8 as well… still super jagged :frowning: .

MSAA is not supported on PS4 yet, maybe 4.15.

Sad day. Would have really loved to see MSAA in PSVR. At least we have it on PC for now

Its **** on PC too. For VR anyway.

Its strange. On the Oculus, MSAA looks great TBH, but on the HTC Vive it kinda looks bad. Is the MSAA more in favor with Oculus than the Vive?

I have only tested it with the Vive and MSAA looks awesome there, so not sure why you say it looks bad? Maybe you could take two screenshots comparing Rift and Vive with MSAA?

ninja edit: THIS IS FOR PC GUY :wink:

AA can be controlled by Scalability. Perhaps this is what is happening?
You can put something like this in your scalability ini





If you then call r.MSAACount=1 you can toggle between Temporal and MSAA, and use scalability to set the level.

Its great here on Vive. These settings may not be 100% though.

My personal favorite setting is just MSAA of 2x and r.screenpercentage 160
That will give you nice looking UMG and 3D.
I find it runs better than 4x MSAA at 140 percent…

If this is true, I’d love to know as soon as their is a changelist that I can integrate. I’ve been trying to implement this myself without any success and as we’re quickly approaching beta I can’t spend more time on this.