PSA: Unreal Engine 5 is NOT Coming Anytime Soon

This is just a quick PSA for UE4 users.

After 4.9 comes 4.10

Unreal Engine 5 is a long way from being a thing.

It’s an honest mistake though, so no hard feelings.

~ Jason

Who knows…maybe Tim Sweeney is already developing Slate 2.0, Blueprints 2.0 and compiling Unreal Engine 5. :slight_smile:

Tim started developing UE4 in 2003…6 years before UDK was released to the public. :slight_smile:

All I want for Christmas is UE5. Don’t kill a child’s illusion, they already mailed their letter to Tim, i mean Santa.

I don’t even…

Wait, did they really work on UE4 for 11 years?

~ Jason

I’m sure he’ll give it to you…in 2020.

~ Jason

Ue4! Ue4! Ue4! Ue4!



~ Jason

Okay then.
UE5! UE5! UE5… ue5… U… e… 5… UE4! Because that is real!

Tim Sweeney worked on UE4 BY HIMSELF for like 5 years, starting in the mid 2000’s, I can only imagine how boring that must’ve been.

Thank you!

I think when 4.10 comes out, that will be enough to make people understand that UE5 is not just around the corner.

Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Heh. Even if it was a decimal fraction, with 4.9 meaning UE4 90%, wouldn’t there still be an infinite number of values between 4.9 and 5.0? I mean really I don’t get how anyone could possibly think that UE5 comes after UE4.9

Well, IMO some people just don’t use their heads, UE4 has been being developed for ~8 years, but people expect them to follow this nice & neat version system where 5 is after 4.9

That’s a little harsh. UE4 has only been out for just over a year. And thinking 5.0 comes after 4.9 is hardly the height of stupidity. :expressionless:

After re-reading it I agree it did come off as a little harsh, so my bad. I think it would be pretty cool if we got a giant roadmap (5 years ahead :D), though I know that those dreams of mine are unrealistic.

Definitely, very cool. It may not be 5 years ahead, but I find the Official UE4 Road-map Trello board a fascinating read. I wish more people would use it, to vote on what gets worked on.

So I shall take advantage of this opportunity to post the link: :slight_smile:

So please, everyone who is reading this, follow the link, and get voting! You will become more handsome or beautiful, if you do. :slight_smile:

I look the same!

I want my money back!

~ Jason

Or is it?

What if UE4 is really UE5 and UDK was really UE4?

~ Jason

That’s crazy!

I wonder what UE4 was like back then.

Like, what was the “main thing” it featured.

~ Jason

I’m sure that his code got messy after 5 years, I wonder what it was like for the new developers that started working on it.