PSA: Unreal Engine 5 is NOT Coming Anytime Soon


Do you know if it was always C++.

It always interested me that Uscript was a thing and then they switched to C++.

I mean, C++ is more mainstream, but they had Uscript going already…

~ Jason

IIRC i think Mike mentioned that UE3 was in perforce and they created a new branch for UE4 and started working on it. I’m not sure but i think in the beginning (and i guess till 2012) they might have had UnrealScript in UE4 and later they removed all scripting. I still remember reading what Tim Sweeney said about UnrealScript:

Couldn’t tell you, I got most of my information off of a Wikipedia page that I read last week :smiley:

I belive this is true but I think it was not same UE4 which we can see today. Probably it was reworked from scratch by the time using some design ideas from “original UE4”. That’s just my opinion, not fact.

I’m assuming that’s true though.

I mean back in 2003 the engine was probably labelled as “amazing” for being able to use certain materials…

~ Jason

I would’ve hated to have to let that go, Uscript I mean.

After creating your own language…how can you give it up for another…

I know people complained about Uscript, but I always kind of liked.

It was east to pick up and simple to use.

~ Jason

Maybe when the hardware evolves enough to handle a very superior UE4. In 2003 they had no idea when a GPU or CPU would be able to run UE4 (considering the UE4 we see today).

Scripting may be easier to use, but is always another layer of compilation…

That’s a really good point.

This is really the reason that I wanted to know what the 2003 version of UE4 was like.

Was it built for 10 years in the future or was it for the current time?

~ Jason

I would have to assume that they built it for use far ahead in the future, considering that they already had UDK, and knew what it was and wasn’t capable of, though there were likely still lots of changes due to new technology, and new ideas during the development of UE4.

What after update number 4.99?4.100?or 5.0?

I highly doubt it’ll get that far.

The monthly updates for UDK died down after a while to updates every few months.

~ Jason


~ Jason