PSA, migrating from 4.19 to 4.25.4

Sup, just wanted to make a quick post concerning an issue that gave me a splitting headache. I recently updated my project from UE4.19 to UE4.25.4, then after packaging for windows every materials were rendered overly bright. Nvidia drivers were up to date and auto-exposure properly taken care of, yet the issue was persisting. Anyways, I ended up deleted my camera and creating a new one and it fixed the issue. I checked in my backup afterward and all the settings were the same, I suppose this is a bug so if someone encounter this issue, this might be how to fix it, GL!

^ This ^ was a common prob even upgrading between 4.x to 4.18 imo.
Playing around with Level DL / Skylight / PP - eventually helps to sort it…

Odd that I could find any doc about that, maybe I didn’t use the right keywords or something.