PS5 Controller Dual Sense Support

Hello Everyone,

I just would like to know that is there any support for PS5 Controller adaptive triggers in Unreal Engine? If there is not, Is there any roadmap for it?

I too would be very interested in developing a game using PS5’s adaptive triggers!


I would like to know if anyone has got the Ps5 controller to work at all in Ue4.26 >= + ? if so How? … Can’t develop games if you can’t test

I hope Unreal will develop some API soon that we can use PS5 Controller Adaptive Triggers for our games.

Got the Ps5 controller to work as a normal game pad NOT IDEAL mapped the buttons in as an Xbox 360 with an emulator but will only work if plugged in to the pc… they do work wireless in Steam but not fully functional…
It gave the product id as “0x0CE6” and vendor Id same as ps4 “0x054C” was hoping to get it working using the raw input. I got it to test the gyros and force feedback triggers ;<{( looks like that’s gonna have to wait a bit longer for one of the nice girls from epic to go give Mr. Sony a lap dance. so he gives us all a chance to develop for him. and gives epic the rights to the software protocols… Grrr my eyebrows are growing like the guy from Tekken ( **Heihachi Mishima **)

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I think that the hardest thing in this situation is an agreement with Sony. They need to give some API to Epic developers so that we can use it in our games such as Adaptive Triggers etc.


isn’t possible to integrate the triggers functionality via PS5 SDK

Can the dual sense (PS5 Controller) be used at all by UE5? My doesn’t recognize.

Waiting for Sony’s move from their PC expansion strategy

Did you ever find a solution? I’m currently trying to get mine set up too.